Dear Friend of 2713

As of 2-3-2022 the Engine 2713 endowment totol is $49,048.61. wow....WoW and WOW....just like the little train that thought it could get over the big hill we are right behind working hard to get over that goal of $50,000 in the endowment. We are all most their and I can't Thank You enouph.....!!!!!!!!

The market went down in November and December which hurt our bottom line despite getting quite a few donations in the last part of 2021. I hope the market goes up in January and i will give an updated report in February. Thanks again for your continued support...!! I think I can...I think I can......


The 2713 Train Endowment is tied to the stock market. It went down a little in the 3rd quarter....Hopefully it will end of the year will end strong.  The train still needs maintanece to keep it's youthful look so please concider donating to the endowment when you can. Thanks for your continued support.   

In 2021 we are asking for your financial support for one of Stevens Points most popular and unique landmarks. Our goal is to raise $50,000 for the long term maintainence of the train display. As of December we have around $47,800 raised.....only $2,200 to go...!! Thank You.


Donations will help build a long term endowment fund that will be used for ongoing painting and rebuild deteriating parts and unexpected repairs.

  • All parts of the train need constant care from rusting and decay.
  • Parts that are to badly rusted need complete replacement.
  • Maintenance of lighting, security and sound systems etc.
  • Money available to repair any vandalism.

You can support the train by:

  1.         Visiting the train and playing the steam train sounds for $.50
  2.       Visiting the train and putting your donation in the donation box located in the                 northwest part of train.
  3.         Buying a personalized brick. 4"X8" and 12" X 12" sizes are available. 
  4.        Buying a train magnet, sticker or note pad at Koerten Gallery located 1 block south of the train.
  5.         Sending a tax deductable donation to Comunity Foundation of Central Wisconsin. (See below) (Engine 2713 Fund)
  6.         Put money in coin bank at Swetz Road Side Gas Station on the South Side, Koerten Gallery or Point Brewery on Water Street.

Please consider supporting the Friends of 2713. You will be supporting what some people say is the best static train display in Wisconsin. 


You can make your tax deductible donation on line at WWW.CFCWI.ORG  (Engine 2713 Fund) or send to:

Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin

1501 Clark St.

Stevens Point, WI, 54481

Any questions call John Kedrowski, Chairman of Friends of 2713 at 715-344-0619.


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