​POSTED 9-6-23  

Been a quiet month at the train. With the heat our work has been mostly watering the existing trees and shrubs. It has been so dry we want to make sure the trees are strong going into winter. A long drought like this can stress even mature trees. Im excited to announce we have two new volunteers who want to work on the train. We actually have three new volunteers when you include one volunteers son who is a ball of energy and he will be helping his dad to paint the rails the train sits on. They are the originals rails and need some TLC.
The last two months have seen the endowment for the train turn around and start to make money. That is very good news. We are only $2000 from reaching our goal of having $50,000 for the perpetual care of the engine display. Having a strong endowment is the key to keeping the train display looking good for future generations. 
Please consider becoming a volunteer or donating to the endowment fund. Every little bit helps.


​POSTED 8-6-23  

Would like to give a big thank you to Karla and Darlene Konkol and Kaye Wolf-West for their donations to the Engine 2713 fund in memory of Jerome Konkol. 
With the heat.... work on the train has been minimal.....We have been having some trouble with the coin mechanism for the sound system at the train. We check it often and try to make sure it is working. If you are having trouble with it please call John at 715-344-0619.  Remember a strong endowment for the train will insure it will be about for future generations to enjoy. Funds can be sent to the Engine 2713 Fund at the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin..... Thanks for your support.


​POSTED 7-10-23  

Well so much for being prompt in posting near the beginning of the month. To sum up this months activity.....water, water, water. Besides watering.....found the right color to touch up the Historical Marker, Installed the fixed door on the west side of the caboose and put new windows in the north side of the engine cab. Also put one of the seats back in the engine cab. Still working on rebuilding the other one. Slowly recovering from last years vandalism. Remember to keep an eye on the train and if you see any suspicious activity call the non emergency police number 715-346-1500. Thanks.


​POSTED 6-07-23  

The warm weather is finally here......we have started to work on this years to do list.....it never seems to get shorter.....hope to get the vandalism damage fixed....do some work on 2713 Jr. and endless rust cleaning and painting. If you would like to help out......give John a call at 715-344-0619.

​POSTED 5-08-23  

This month I am happy to give out a big Thank You ...!! to some people who have donated money and items to the Friends of 2713.
   First......Would like to thank the Central Wisconsin Model Railroaders for their donation to the Friends of 2713 from the profits from this years Arctic Run. Because of Co-vid this year was the first time it has been held in a few years. The Friends of 2713 had a table there and the turnout was very good. 
Second......Would also like to thank Kathy Shuda for her gift of money and a train whistle and a nicely framed railroad picture by Robert Todd.
Third.....Another nice surprise is we have been recieving some restitution money from last years vandalism. 
Nice to report positive things....!!
Will be having a fund drive this spring to raise money to upgrade the security system and lighting at the train.
Thanks everyone for your continued support....!!

​POSTED  4-11-23   
Every month it is taking me longer and longer to do a monthly update on the website. In the future I will try and get to it closer to the first of the month.  
Happy to report that with the warmer weather I am getting in the mood to work on the train. Still have a lot of work to do to fix last years damage from the vandalism and will make that a priority to finish this year. The Stock Market is still down so that means the Engine 2713 Endowment is still below our bench mark of $50,000 so please consider a donation to the fund. Donations can be make through the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin. We are always looking for volunteers so if you would like to help work on the train give me a call at 715-344-0619.

​POSTED  3-07-23   

Not much to report. Need to get going and look at what it would cost to improve the lighting around the train. Hopefully with better lighting it will help stop any vandalizm.  Once it gets warmer I can get out the new windows, doors and seats finish them and install them. They will greatly improve the current looks of the train display. If you would like to help work on the train give me a call at 715-344-0619.

​POSTED  2-05-23   

We jope you got out to attend the 2023 Artic Run train show In Stevens Point.  My hats off to the model railroaders. I was impressed with the great layouts that were there. All your hard work was very obvious.
 Our goal for attending the show was to raise some money and awarness for upgrading our security system and lighting at the train plus try and recruit some people to help out with maintaining the train. Hopefully when things get warmer people will contact us. If interesting call John at 715-344-0619.

​POSTED  1-09-23   

The Friends of 2713 will have a table at the 2023 Artic Run at the Holiday Inn in Stevens Point. The show will  be Saturday Jan. 21 and Sunday Jan. 22. Stop on over and say Hi. Concider being a volunteer at the train and help keep it looking good.

​POSTED  12-06-22   

The train is all decorated for Christmas and the lights were turned on the day after Thanksgiving. Come out an take a look. We will have a table at the Artic Run held at the Stevens Point Holiday Inn on the weekend of Jan. 21, 2023. Mark your calendars. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

​POSTED  11-06-22   

We continue fix or get new parts made that were damaged from the vandlism this summer. We will wait until spring to install the new parts. Looking ahead one of our goals this winter will be to get estimates for improvements at the train to stop the vandalism. We are looking at upgrading the camera system, better lighting and sealing off areas of the engine limiting access to the engine cab. I don't like limiting access to the engine cab but if it helps stop the vandalism we will have to do it. It's the same old story that a few reck it for eveyone else. We appreciate any donations toward the proposed improvements. And Please help us out and keep an eye on the train and report any suspicious activity. We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

​POSTED  10-08-22   

The Stevens Point Police caught two more individuals iinvolved with the vandlism to the train. We continue to fix the damage but some will not get done until spring.
The train is still open and hopefully you come visit us. We don't know their names but we would like to thank the two kids that initially flagged down a Police Officer and make him aware of the damage to the engine cab. With the  down slide fo the stock market so goes the train endowment. Please consider a donate to help keep the display looking good for future generations.
And please by a Friend of 2713 and and keep an eye on the train for people doing any damage.

​POSTED  9-04-22   

With the help of video from our security camaras the police caught two people who did damage to the engine cab. We thought that would stop the damage but it continued. The police are looking for other people who did more damage to the engine cab and caboose doors.This has set the club way behind. We have had to deal with the damage done instead of doing our normal maintaince on the train. If you see people up on top of the train or doing damage please call the Stevens Point non-emergence number at 715-346-1500. Only by constantly watching the train will we be able to keep it safe. Check out Picture of the month to see the damage.

​POSTED  8-08-22   

This months news is all about vadalism at the train. The latest round of  damage is worst than I have seen since 1995 when I started as the Chairman of the Friends of 2713. So far the list is...
1. Both windows in the engine cab have been damaged.
2.Both chairs in the engine cab have been damaged
3. The westerly screen door in the caboose was damaged.
4 The coin mechanism for the train sounds was badly damaged and put out of comission.
All the things that were damaged are so bad I don't think they can be repaired and they will have to be replaced.
The police have been notified and they are working to find the people responsible for the damage.
If you have any information on who is doing the damage please call the Stevens Point Police Department.
Like last month I ask you to Please...!! keep an eye on the train as you are visiting or driving by. If you see someone on top of the train please call the Stevens Point Police non 

Emergency number 715-346-1500.

​POSTED  7-05-22   

The train and caboose were washed last month. Even with all the fading paint and rusting metal the train looks a lot better washed up. We continue to have vandalism at the train so like last month I ask you to Please...!! keep an eye on the train as you are visiting or driving by. If you see someone on top of the train please call the Stevens Point Police non 
Emergency number 715-346-1500.

​POSTED  6-06-22   

Please keep an eye on the train as you are visiting or driving by. If you see someone on top of the train please call the Stevens Point Police non 
Emergency number 715-346-1500. We have had a t​POSTED  6-06-22   

Please keep an eye on the train as you are visiting or driving by. If you see someone on top of the train please call the Stevens Point Police non 
Emergency number 715-346-1500. We have had a trash problem and minor damage at the train so please help up keep an eye on the train. With the drop in the stock market the endowment fund has really dropped. Please consider a donations to keep our upkeep fund strong. Thanks for your support. CN is really moving a lot of frieght so stop bye to see the old train and the modern train operations going on right next door. Remember not to tresspass on CN land.

​POSTED 5-06-22   

Now that it looks like we are finally getting weather warm enough to start do spot painting on the train it time to get to work. 
If you would like to help give John a call at 715-344-0619. We can find something that needs to be done for every skill level. 
Remember to keep an eye on the train and report any suspicious active by calling the police at 715-346-1500. Thanks for you support.

​POSTED 4-07-22   

Is everyone as sick of the cold wet weather as I am? I long for some warm sunny days!
It's a quiet time around here. The time between decorating the train for Christmas and waiting for warmer weather so we can work on the train. The train needs a lot of rust repair this year so if you can help we could use it. From a recent check on the train it looks like it came through the winter pretty good just a little more rusty with the paint being a little more faded. The stock market continued to drop which means the endowment fund followed it. As Chairman of the Friends of 2713 my plan is not to spend much money until we reach that $50,000 endowment mark. I feel having that money set aside for the perpetural care of the engine will insure the train will not fall back into neglect and dis-repair.  As the weather warms up so do the instances of people climbing on top of the train where there is the possiblity of falling and getting injured. If you see anyone  where they don't belong please call the police at 715 346 1500. We would hate to see anyone get hurt.

​POSTED 3-06-22   

With the stock market taking a nose dive so did the endoweent account....but we are almost there and with some patients we will get to $50.000. Other than that not much going on. If you come out to visit the train you can see a lot of activity on the CN tracks. They seem to be moving a lot of frieght. Lots of muliple engined trains going west. Must be more frieght coming from Canada than going to Canada. Just my observation. Think war thouughts and thanks for your support.

​POSTED 2-03-22   

I'm happy to report that Engine 2713 and Caboose 158 have lots of friends and their retirement fund went up quiite a bit. We are within $1000 of reaching our goal of having $50,000 in the endowement (retirement fund) for the long term care of the train display. Our fall fund drive was a huge success....!! There were close to $4000 in donations....!! The endowment at the Community Foundation is tied to the stock market and toward the end of the year it went down and then rebounded to get us within $1000 of our goal. Hopefully the stock market will continue on the plus side and push us over our $50,000 goal.  THANKS AGAIN...!!

​POSTED 1-02-22   

All the wind we had in December played havoc on the Christmas lights on the train. On the day that we had the extreame wind it knoked out power to the train and was out for a few days before it was restored. When the power goes off it takes awhile to get the sound system and security back up and running correctly. This time was no exception. One of our goals this year will be to get the clock corrected to the right time. The clock has not been 100 percent since a we had a power surge at the train that fried a lot of the electrical equipment. Thanks for all the contributions to the endowment fund. We made progress but unforunately the stock marked went down in November and December. I wil give an updated report next month. Just a reminder if you visit the train dress warm and be careful because it can get icy.

​POSTED 12-03-21   

Hope you were able to read the well written articles featured in the Portage County Gazette about the history of the railroad in Stevens Point. The articles were to highlight that this November marked the 150th year since the railroad arrived in Stevens Point. The train is decorated for Christmas and a special “150” sign was added to recognize the anniversary.
Along with this anniversary the Friends of 2713 are having a fund raiser to get the "Engine 2713" endowment fund up to $50,000. As of this writing it was about $47,800. That is great news!!! With a little more help from our friends and the stock market we should be real close.

Thanks for all your support and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...!!

​POSTED 11-06-21

    The Portage County Gazette has started running a multiply week article about the train history in Stevens Point. You can read it by going to their website https://stevenspoint.news . With the great fall weather I hope you have had a chance to  visit the train display. Along with the historic train there has been a lot of activity on the CN tracks to watch

​POSTED 10-06-21

     With the help of Gary Ouderhoven we talked to the Portage County Gazette and we are hoping they will do an article on the 150th anniversary of the first train in Stevens Point on Nov. 15 th in 1871. The other good news is that our fund drive to get the Engine 2713 Endowment up to $50,000 is at $44,800 right noiw..." I think I can ...I think I can..." it would be nice to meet our goal in this 150th anniversity of the train coming to Steven Point. Please consider a donation which will keep the train in good shape for future generations to enjoy. Thanks to all that  have already given!
​POSTED 9-15-21

     Sorry for the late post but a family matter has been taking all my time. This November 15th will be the 150th anniversary of when the Wisconsin Cenrral RR came to Stevens Point. The Waupaca County Historical Society will be celebrating the arrival of the train to Waupaca on Saturday September 25 at the Depot at 525 Oak Street, with seating for a Potato Bake at 11am to 12:30 pm. Tickets are $15 per person. If you would like tickets call 715-256-9980 or e-mail. director@waupacahistoricalsociety.org.

calling 715-256-9980 or emailing

​POSTED 8-06-21

     We continue to do the odds and ends to maintain the train. Our efforts will be on the passinger seating area for awhile. Lots of areas need painting. Take some time and come visit the train while the weather is nice.

​POSTED 07-06-21

     We washed the engine, tender and caboose. The paint is starting to fade and more and more rust is showing but it still looks a lot better when it's washed. Still working on the bricks and hope to reseal soon. Always something to do at the train so if you would like to help give me a call (John) at 715-344-0619. You can also help by picking up liter if you are at the train or call the non-emergency Stevens Point Police Number ( 715-345-1500) if you see people on top of the train or doing damage.  Thanks for your continued support.

​POSTED 06-07-21

     We were thinking about starting on our 2021 projects around the train and have put them on temparary hold until the tempatures cool down abit....this is more like July and August weather.
We have a lot more visitors at the train now so it you see anybody doing any vandalizim or climbing on top of the train please call the Stevens Point Police non emergency number at 715-345-1500 to report them. We had a glinch in our security system but it seems to be working now. 
If you think you might want to donate money to the train now would be a good time. Interest rates on our endowment fund have been good and we have about $41,000 toward our goal of $50.000. Thanks to all the Friends of 2713....!!!!
Stay cool.

​POSTED 05-07-21

The Friends of 2713 want to thank Jakob Gavin and Zach Brocken who own the Park House Apartments LLC. for donating 3 old railroad related construction plans to the Friends of 2713. They are:
1. 1939 DOT planset of when they built the underpass by the 2713.
2. Round house addition to Fon du lac in 1954.
3. 1912 plan of a Frieght House in Chicago.
Thank You....!!!!!
Remember the Friends of 2713 are always looking for old photo's of people , places, events and trains in Stevens Point. We will scan the photo or possible purchase them and give credit to the owners. Help us save our history...!! 
Now that the weather is getting warm....we invite you to come on down and visit the train display....!!

​POSTED 4-06-21
Whoa.....it sure got hot fast....I thought I had more time before having to get ready to work on the train for 2021.  I'm hoping we have good weather and enough time to do some much needed touch up on the train and the passenger seatign area. 
When the tempature goes up we usually have more vandalism on the train....so keep your eyes open for people climbing on top or doing damage. Call the Stevens Point Police non-emergency number...715-346-1500 and report any suspicious activity 
And please consider making a donation to the Engine 2713 Endowment at the  Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin. You can find the link to their website on our "Links" page. I thank all the Friends of 2713 for all your support....!!!!!

​POSTED 03-06-21

I am sorry to report that Pat Wesenberg from Simplicity Credit Union passed away on Feb. 12, 2021. around 1995 I started the Friends of 2713. The clubs mission was to fix up the old steam engine display on the south side of Stevens Point. I never was the head of a club before or had any experience raising money and in fact I hated asking anybody for money. Someone told me to go talk to Pat at Point - Plus Credit Union when it was located on the south side of Stevens Point. I talked to Pat and the credit union gave me $1000 toward fixing the train.....I was blown away that she entrusted me with $1000 plus she was so supportive....I credit her in giving me the confidence to continue with the project ....over the years the credit union moved and changed it's name to Simplicity Credit Union. I would approach Pat when I had need for money on the train restoration or to put on an Open House at the train and she helped me out any way she could......she was always so supportive and appreciative of the progress on the train.....
Pat.....thanks for your friendship, support and encouragement.....I will miss you....!!!

​POSTED 02-01-21

Not much going on. With the little snow fall we have had so far it is still easy to visit the train. Come on down. 

​POSTED 01-01-21

The Friends of 2713 wish everyone a Happy and Healthy new year! We hope you enjoyed the train decorated for Christmas. .Looking to 2021 our priorities will be to keep ahead of the rust on the train, do some painting on the Passenger seating area and continue to work on building up the endowment to our $50,000 goal. Currently we have about $37,000.  I know with your support we will reach our goal.

​POSTED 12-06-20

The Friends of 2713 wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Come on down and check out the lights on the train. I could not use the lighing sceme I had planned because the Christmas lights I wanted were in short supply. Will have to shop earlier next year.
Money continues to come in from our fall fund drive. Thanks again to all our supporters.  Stay safe !!

​POSTED 11-06-20

Our fall fund drive to increase the endowment is going on now and we THANK the Friends  who have donated money......!!!!!!
The small kiosk near the parking lot now has a new roof. Thanks to Mike Higgins who built the kiosk many years ago. It has needed a little fixing up but  overall it has held up well. Now would be a good time to visit the train before the snow comes.


From the donations we have been getting at the train plus the train sound money box we have been getting a lot of generous vistors at the train. Thank you very much...!!
The money in the train endowmewnt goes up and down each quarter but currently we have around $35,000 towards our goal to have $50,000 for the perpetual care of the train display. I know we can reach that with the generous support we have gotten over the years. You can donate on line or send money to the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin for the "Engine 2713 Fund"

​POSTED 9-08-20

Fall is in the air and once this cold spell is over we hope to do some work on the train and get it ready for winter. For those of you wth personalised bricks we hope to seal them yet this summer. If you would like to  help at the train call John at 715-344-0619. Thanks for your continued support and stay safe.

​POSTED 8-05-20

Thanks to Larry Russell for donating 2 buntings to the train and Barb Reed for delievering them to me. There father was a conductore for the Sooline.  I mounted them on the train with another one I had for the month of July to give the train a patrotic look.
Unfortantely one of the bunting was stolen and I reported it to the police. We were able to get the missing bunting back but slightly damaged. If you see any body climbing on the train please call the Stevens Point Police non -emergency number at 715-346-1500 to report it. Remember the future of the train relys on a strong endowement.....please consider a donation.

​POSTED 7-01-20

The City of Stevens Point lifted the no playing on playground equipent order , so the kids can play on 2713 Junior. We continue to monitor the new sound system and it has been working consistantly. If you have any trouble with it let me know at 715-344-0619. We installed 4 new personalized bricks. Some time this summer we will reseal the bricks which makes them look better. Enjoy the weather and come out and visit Engine 2713 and Caboose 158. We love the company.
​POSTED 6-05-20
This month the Friends of 2713 will start working on the train. If you have any desire to help give me a call at 715-344-0619. Some of the projects we hope ot do this year are put a new roof on the small display board by the parking lot. We also will be replacing some bushes behind the Historical marker. We will be keeping an eye on the new trees the city planted and make sure they get enough water. The personalized bricks need to be cleaned up and resealed. Plus there is always rust to contend with on the engine, tender and caboose. We are getting alot more visitors now so if you see anybody doing damage to the display or on top of the train please call the Stevens Point Police non emergency number. 715-346-1500. Thanks for your support.


The Friends of 2713 would like to thank Gary Burroughs for thinking of us and  donating a Sooline spittoon to the club. The spitoon looks good in the caboose and makes a great addition to the display. Thanks again Gary...!!

We also would like to report that the sound system at the train is fixed thanks to Kevin Lutz...!!  

Last fall the city Parks and Forestry Department took down the Ash trees along the east property line next to the CN signal shop fence. They will be replacing them this spring and planting some addition trees in the Southwest corner near the tracks. Seeing the Ash trees cut down was very sad. The club planted them around 1997 and they were starting to get nice and big with some good shade :-( 

POSTED 4-05-20

The snow around the train is finally gone. Yay!! The train is open but 2713 jr. is closed to playing because of the Coronavirus. Things will be slow until we get through this pandemic. Stay safe and thanks for your continued support.

POSTED 3-01-20

We would like to thank Lance from Wausau for donating a 1920 document from the Grand Lodge of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, located in Stevens Point. The local lodge was called the "Sisters of  Chippewa" and has the names of 12 ladies on it. Thanks again Lance. Still working on the sound system. The fund raiser for the Engine 2713 Endowment is still going on. Please consider a donation. 

POSTED 2-07-20

All is still quite on the train front. We continue to explore ways to fix our sound system. Hopefully we will have a solution by spring. Christmas lights are removed and stored. Hopefully you enjoyed the show.  If you come to visit PLEASE be careful as it is very icy by the train. Stay warm.

POSTED 1-02-20

Happy New Year to all our friends and supporters...!! We hope you had a chance to view the train with the Christmas lights on. They will be lite for another week or so. We would like to thank the Portage County Gazette and their nice article at the end of December explaining our goal of getting the endowment up to $50,000. We are currently at $32,000 depending on the market.  Chug...Chug ...Chug...I know we can ....I know we can....The endowment will be the future of the train and will continue to be our focus until we reach our goal. In 2020 we wil be working with the City of Stevens Point's Forestry Department to make some adjustments to the trees on the 2713 display site. I am very sad to see the trees along the east side go because I planted them myself. They are white ash and the city already has some ash trees dying in the city and eventualy our trees will get it too. So, to be proactive will will be replacing them with a variety of trees to try and avoid another tree disease from killing all the trees on the site.

POSTED 12-01-19

The sound system that plays train sounds at the train is shut down for the Winter. We still can't find the bug in the system. The train is decorated and lit up for Christmas. Come take a look. I finally went threw all the Christmas lights that we have been accumulating over the years and removed all the bad strings. I ended up with 17 pounds of old lights. I took them to the recycling center and got a big $0.85 cents. I dont' think that paid for the gas to drive to the recycling center. I deposited it in the Engine 2713 endowement fund. Speaking of the endowement fund, we are at the $31,000 mark. Please consider dondating so we can make it to our goal of $50,000.  Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

POSTED 11-01-19
The sound system that plays train sounds at the train is still being temperamental. We may shut it down for the winter until we figure it out. 
We started putting a new roof on the little information kiosk near the parking lot and found more rot than we anticipated so we put a temporary roof on it and will finish it in the spring. We are always looking for volunteers. If you like to scrape and paint we can always use your skills. If you know metal working like welding even better. Give me a call at 715-344-0619.

POSTED 10-01-19

We are still experiencing trouble with out sound system that plays train sounds at the train. Please bare with us as we try to figure it out and we apologize for any money you may have lost. Any questions call me at 715-344-0619. The personalised bricks were sealed for winter and they are looking good. 
Thanks for your support...!!

POSTED 9-05-19

The Friends of 2713 spent 3 days painting, sanding and scraping rust on the 2713. Thanks to John R. Dave O. and Tom J. who spear heading the effort. The rust on the train is endless and we try to keep ahead of it before it gets out of hand and overwhelming. Some of the rust is getting extensive and will need professional work in the future. I encourage you to donate to the Engine 2713 Endowment fund so we will have money to maintaine the engine in the future.
If you have time....come out and see us. Engine 2713 and 158 enjoy company. If you are visiting and see people climbing on the train or doing something bad please call the Stevens Point Police Dept. non emergincy number 715-346-1500 and report it. Thanks.

POSTED 8-06-19

As the weather starts to cool down you should see more activity at the train with volunteers starting to do some maintenance work. Lots of rust to take care of. The city took down two big old box elder on the south side of the property. It's nice to have a good view of the active track. The city is also rebuilding the storm sewer by the parking lot but you still have plenty of room to park. Take a break and come out and visit us....!!

POSTED 7-09-19
With summer in full swing and the Fourth of July it was hard to find time to update the website. Not much to report this month.If time allows we will clean up and reseal the personalised bricks. Once the bricks are resealed the black lettering looks a lot better. Just take advantage of the good weather and come out and visit us.

POSTED 6-09-19

There has been a change to the 2713 fund at the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin. The club use to have two funds. One was for doing new projects and the second one was for the endowment for the train. Since  we should be done with big projects and to save some administrative fees we combined the two funds into the endowment fund. The Friends of 2713 focus now is to maintain the train, caboose and roof. Funds from the endowment will be used for that purpose. We are happy to report we have approx. $30,000 in the endowment which in a normal finalcial year will give us $1,200 to maintain the site. Our goal is to get this fund up to $50,000 which will allow money for the immediate maintenace needs and the long term items like a new roof or replacing some of the pieces on the train that have rusted beyond repair.
It's because of your constant support of the train that we are in this good finacial position. THANK YOU...!! With your continued support I know we can reach that $50,000 level. It will be a great gift that will keep on giving to future train fans.
Whoo-Whoo full speed ahead....!!

​POSTED 5-01-19

We are hoping the tempature will get above 50 degrees and stay there. When it does we will be installing the personalized bricks the were purchased in the fall and winter. The garbage that collects around the train over winter has been cleaned up. We thank the City of Stevens Point for adding a recycling bin along with the normal trash bin at the train. When visiting the train please use the appropriate bin. Consider donating to the Engine 2713 endowment because that will insure the train will be well maintained for future generation.. Thanks for your past support.

​POSTED 4-01-19

Winter seems to be on the run. A recent inspection of Engine 2713 and Caboose 158 found them in good shape after our snowy winter. Most of the snow was gone from the site as of today. Thanks to Todd Osowski for a heads up of some old RR track on city property and thanks to the mayor and cities Street Dept. for delievering it to the 2713 train display. The track will be used for future projects.

POSTED 3-05-19

The Friends of 2713 are lying low and waiting for spring. If you plan on visiting old 2713 and 158 be prepared for deep snow with slippery areas where ice is under the snow.  

POSTED 2-03-19

The Friends of 2713 would like to thank the friends who visited our booth at the Artic Run this weekend at the Holiday Inn in Stevens Point. We are grateful for the money you put in the donation jar and for purchasing the various merchandise we had for sale. The money will go to the Engine 2713 Endowment fund. We would like to give a big THANK YOU to Dave Lobermeier and the late Pete Lutz for donating various RR items to the Club. We can't forget to thank the Central Wisconsin Model Railroaders Ltd. who put on the Artic Run and invited us to participate.

POSTED 1-01-19

Happy New Year...!! 
With the new year we would like to thank all our supporters. Without your help    we would not have the great train display that we have. As you know I am always promoting giving to the train endowment. Having a steady supply of money to fix the train will keep it looking good generation after generation. Speaking of support we would like to thank the SERAMUR FAMILY FOUNDATION Inc. for their generous donation to the Engine 2713 Endowment. The Seramur Family Foundation has supported us in the past by providing the money needed to get the sound equipment that plays train sounds at the train. While putting up the Christmas lignts on the engine this year I noticed many new rusting areas. We try to stay ahead of the rust before it gets to bad and last year we concentrated on the caboose. Some of the areas are a few years away from needing professional help in fixing and repairing the rust damage. So, again a good reminder why we need a strong endowment to make quality repairs. In February we will have a booth at the Artic Run at the Holiday Inn in Stevens Point. Stop by and say HI. 

POSTED 12-06-18

I was out of town in November and with the cold weather dressing the train up for Christmas is running behind schedule.With a-little luck we should have lights up next week. We would like to thank the Stevens Point Retired Teachers Association (SPARTA) for their recent donation to the trains endowment fund. They have been very supportive of the train in the past and the club really appreciates it. Speaking of the endowment. We are over half way to our goal of $50,000. 
Thanks to all the Friends of 2713 who have helped out this year and we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....!!!

POSTED 11-01-18
Almost finished putting everything back in order and paying all the bills from the Open House. We have a short time to rest up and then think about putting on the Christmas lights on the train. I few mild days at the end of November would also help.
We would like to thank Tom Johnson and Marjorie Lutz for there very generous monitary gifts to the train. We are a little over half way to our $50,000 goal for the endowment. Think about giving a donation to the train. No matter what size of your donation it all adds up!!

POSTED 10-03-18
Well, another Open House has come and gone. It was a lot of work but Engine 2713 and Caboose 158 really enjoyed all the company. The weather was great (thank you Lord) and we had a good turn out. We again thank Simplicity Credit Union for sponsoring the event and also Simplicity's staff that provided the lunch.. Without your help we could not put on the Open House. We would also like to thank Point Brewery for donating Point root beer for the event.
First: If you lost glasses at the Open House call me at 715-344-0619 and identify. Two pair were found.
Second: Thanks to all the exhibitors that showed up. The club appreciates your efforts and you made the Open House that much better.
Third: Winners of our guess the amount of candy bars in the jar without going over was Korra Manville.
Winner of the Belts attendance prize was Jenna Fritsch.
Winner of the Carl D's attedance prize was Gage Pope.
Thank you Belt's and Carl D's for your donations.

Our fund drive to increase the endowment to $50,000 is half way there with generous donations from the Seramur Family  Foundation, Tom Johnson and Marjorie(Jan) and Pete Lutz. Thank you very much....!!!
Please remember to donate to the Engine 2713 endowment. That is what will really help perseve the train for the "Long Haul"  so future generations  can enjoy the display.

POSTED 9-06-18
Still working on getting the engine  looking good for the open house. Remember it's Saturday Sept. 22. 10:00 to 4:00. The open house is free to the public with lunch available to purchase and provided by Simplicity Credit Union. The Open House is sponsored by Simplicity Credit Union. There will be a 1917 Rumbliy steam tractor, A minin train and petting zoo for the kids. Antique gas engines, historic pictures, model trains, one or two old cars and other misc. The caboose will be open for inspection and you will be available to blow the train whistle....Come on down and have some fun...!!!

POSTED 8-06-18

Working on painting rust areas on the caboose and tender. Getting the engine  looking good for the open house. Remember it's Sept. 22. 10:00 to 4:00. Also working on the "Long Haul" fund raiser to get our endowment for the train up to $75,000. That will ensure the train will look good for the long haul. Please consider donating today. To donate go to the links tab then use the link to the Community Foundation of Cental Wisconsin.

POSTED 7-06-18
The metal haloid lights in the train roof have been replaced with LED bulbs. The old lights were pretty much shot after the power surge we had at the train a few years ago.  The new lights look good and should save a lot of energy. Our drive to increase the train endowment is still one of our proioritys. Please consider donating today.

POSTED 6-05-18

We have started our usual summer projects on the train display. Clean up around the train, work on the rust and pealing paint and other miscellaneous. If you would like to help work on the train call John at 715-344-0619. We can always use volunteers. We put up the plaque to honor Bob Cable. His family donated a picnic table and tree. Thank You from all the Friends of 2713. The picnic table and tree are a great addition to the train display.
We continue to work on plans for the open house on Saturday September 22. It will run from 10:00 to 4:00. It is shaping up to be a real family friendly event. More details to follow. Work also continues on our fund raiser to increase the endowment for the train. A big endowment is needed so we can maintain the train in the future. See our section on the fundraiser on the home page.


POSTED 4-26-18

Sad to report that Engine 2713 lost a good Friend on April 14, 2018 when Bill Winkler passed away. Bill was a real people person and helped me early on when I first started working on the train display. That was over 20 years ago. I will miss his "can do" attitute and enthusiasm for trains and there preservation.
Please support our latest fundraiser to increase the endowment fund for the train so we can keep it's enemy Mr. Rust from slowly stealing the train from us.
POSTED 4-04-18

The date for the open house has been firmed up and is Saturday, September 22, 2018. It is being sponsored by Simplicity Credit Union Thanks You!!!. Please support our sponsor. We are working on the details and will let you know at a later date. 
POSTED 3-04-18

Our goal is to keep Mr. Rust from stealing our train. Mr. Rust is always hungary and nibels a little of the train every day. He won't stop until the train is gone! To stop Mr. Rust we want to raise $50,000 in 2018. This money will put in the "Engine 2713 Endowment Fund" at the Comunity Foundation of Central Wisconsin. This fund will be used to paint and  maintaine the train display. Please help keep Mr. Rust from our train. Our picture of the month section changed this month. We had to remove a lot of the old pictures because we ran out of our available storage space.

POSTED 2-05-18
Plans are coming together for an Open House at the train. Some details need to be completed but it is 90 percent certain the Open House will be on Saturday September 22, 2018. From 10:00 to 4:00. Stay tuned for details. Please consider supporting our endowment fund for the train.

POSTED 1-07-18
Happy New Year...!!. With the new year come new years resolutions. The Friends of 2713 resolution this year is to have a fund raiser to increase our endowment fund. The endowment fund will be for future maintenence of the train display. We already have an endowment fund at the Community Foundation of Central Wisconson. Currently we have around $21,000 and would like to increase that to $70,000. Like all old machines it takes money to maintain them and Engine 2713 and caboose 158 are no different. I would like to see the 2713 last until the year 2713. Wouldn't that be neat gift for future history and train  buffs. Stay tuned for future details of the fund raiser. If you wish to support this effort you can donate money through the Community Foundation or drop money in the money box at the train.

POSTED 12-07-17

We are grateful for the warm weather in late November that made it a lot easier to put the Christmas Tree lights on the train. Hope you can stop by to check them out. Thanks for your continued support and we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

POSTED 11-07-17

This month we installed a Autumn Blaze maple tree near the picnic table that was installed this fall. The maple was also part of the money donated in memory of Bob Cable. Thank you Bob Cable family...! There is still time to visit the 2713 before snow makes it difficult to walk around the display. Came on down...!! The 2713 and 158 like company....

POSTED 10-08-17
This month we installed the picnic table that was donated in memory of Bob Cable. We hope to plant a tree in his honor yet this fall. We also installed a telegragh pole just east of the historical marker. Thanks to Canadian National for the telegraph pole and thanks to Bushman Sign and Crane for installing it. We hope to install glass insulators on the telegragh pole some time this fall.
POSTED 9-03-17

This month we hope to install the picnic table and tree donated in memory of Bob Cable. It's looking like we will have an open house in 2018 to conincide with the Soo Line Historical and Technical annual convention. It is tenatively sceduled to be in Stevens Point. Stay tuned for details.

POSTED 8-04-17

With busy schedules and hot humid weather not much happened at the train this month. Please keep in mind giving to the 2713 Engine endowment fund....that is what will really help maintain the display for future genenrations. Thanks.
POSTED 7-12-17

Thanks to the donation in memory of Robert Cable  a concrete pad was poured for a new picnic table near the 2713 JR. toy train. A tree to shade the picnic table wil be added in the fall. The bricks at the train have been cleaned up sealed. They look good and will have a second coat of sealer added at a later date.Think of the future and donate to the trains endowment fund for future repairs.
POSTED 6-17-17

Sorry for the late posting of Picture of the Month....with the busy summer, storm damage and power outage I forgot or didn't have time to post. Now that things have calmed down we hope to start working on the train. We have some concrete to pour and rust to take care of. If you are interesting in helping give me a call at 715-344-0619. Remember we always could use donations to the endowment fund.
POSTED 5-5-17
As you visit or drive by the train please keep an eye on it. If you see people on top of the train or doing damage to the train please call the police. Thanks for your support.
POSTED 4-5-17

Thanks to all those people who donated money to the train in honor of Robert Cable. As I look at the train after another Wisconsin  Winter I see a lot of new rust spots that will need to be painted. To keep the engine looking good it will alway need lots of maintenence. Please consider a donation to the 2713 Engine Endowment. Having a pool of money to work with will insure we have a nice looking train for future generations.
POSTED 3-2-17
One of our goals in 2017 is to update our website. We recently fininsh the LINKS page and HOME page and will work on the others as time allows. Our picture of the Month may have to be reduces as we are approaching our storage limit. Stay tuned.

POSTED 2-6-17

The 2713 display is open in the winter but keep in mind the display is not shoveled out. You may have to walk threw deep snow and it my be icy. 
Winter is a good time to look through those old photo albums and see if you have any old pictures of people, places, events or trains in the Stevens Points Area. The Friends of 2713 are trying to perserve our train heritage one picture at a time. We will give you credit for your picture and pay for any reproduction costs or possible we wil purchase it. Thanks for your support...! 

POSTED 1-3-17

The club thanks John Belke from Stevens Point for selling the club an original SooLine caboose key along with another Sooline and Wisconsin Central railroad keys for a very resonable price.. We would also like to thank Adrian Omernik for a donation of e old railroad picture in honor of Charles P. Tepp. We are still looking at options to fix some of the lights in the ceiling of the train roof. Some of the transformers for the metal haloid lights were burnt out from the eratic power problem we had last year. We would like to convert the lights to LED lights but there are issues with size and cost. We hope to have a solution by the time it gets warm out.. Keep in mind that 2017 would be a good year to donate to the 2713 endowment fund. This will help with all future upkeep costs for the display. Thanks for your continued support...!!

​POSTED 11-2-16

Hopefully in a week the 2713 JR playground train will be finished. All that remains is to fill in the rubber material around the train. Delievery of that material is scheduled for next week. We recieved a letter to day from Wausau Tile that they will not be doing brick engraviing anymore. We will be looking for a new source so we can continue to offer specialised bricks for our fans. If the weather holds out we also hope to work on the south spotlights in the train ceiling. The lights have not worked since the electrical problems we had this spring. 

​POSTED 10-5-16

Work continues on the 2713 JR playground train. Things arn't going as fast as we had hoped. We would like to get some grass growing around the train border before we open the train to the public so we may delay the opening until next year. The delay would give us time to put up the benches and replace the faded panels on the train with new ones. Hopefully we will have a warm fall so grass wil grow. Stopped at the Colfax Railroad Museam this month. They have some nice RR cars on display. Thanks to the city Parks maintenance workers the neon bulbs in the clock were replaces with an LED upgrade kit. The new lights look as good as the old neon ones. Thanks to Bushman Sign for donating some material for making the RR track pattern in the 2713 JR. border. 

​POSTED 9-7-16

Work continues on the 2713 JR playground train. We hope to be finished by the end of the month.

POSTED 8-3-16

A break in attempt was foiled by the security system in the caboose. A window was broken and they tried to enter the caboose.  It looks like the only damage was to the window and nothing seemed to be missing. Please continue to keep an eye on the train display and call the Stevens Point Police if you see something suspicious or hear the alarm. The City of Stevens Point Parks Department removed a large bush that was in the back of the train display to make room for the 2713 JR toy train display that will be put up this fall. City crews also looked at why the light on the west side of the clock was not working. It looks like the neon bulb is burnt out. I called the clock company and they said they are now making a kit to convert the old neon bulbs to LED's. It is costly but we are looking into it.

​POSTED 7-7-16

With everybodies busy schedule minimal work has been done on the train. Plans are still being worked on to put up the 2713 JR toy train that was formally located at Veteran's park. Remember to keep your eye on the train and if you see anybody on top please report it to the police. With the recent ups and down of the stock market the train endowment has not grown much. Please consider donateing to the 2713 Engine Endowment at the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin. Having a strong endowment will insure a good future for the train.

POSTED 6-6-16

Kevin Lutz from Total Security has finished repairing the sound system and clock. Yeaaaaa.....!! The club would like to thank Kevin for being such a good friend to the train over the years....!!! And thanks to Dave Owens for rebuilding the baggage cart. The baggage cart was donated by Warner Halverson and it was in bad shape. The Trade and industry class at SPASH rebuilt the cart initially. The cart sat outside for years and now Dave Owens had to rebuild it again. The cart will stay under the train roof and hopefully we will get quite a few years out of it before it needs any major repairs.

POSTED 5-3-16
Thanks to Kevin Lutz progress has been made on repairing damage to the electrical system at the train. We hope to have the sound system and clock working in a month or so. We are also looking into purchasing additional equipement to protect our electronic system. At this point we think the damage was from lighting. If you are driving bye or visiting the 2713 display and see someone doing damage or on top of the train please call the Stevens Point Police not emergency number and report it. The number is 715-346-1500. Thanks.

POSTED 4-2-16
We are starting to gear up for the 2016 season. The one big project we wil be working on is to put up the toy train (2713 JR) that was across the street in Veterans Park. It was removed when new playground equipment was installed in the park. The project is being funded with money donated by Jan Lutz in memory of her husband Pete Lutz. In the past the Lutz family donated money for the clock in the NW corner of the train roof. Smaller projects will mostly involve maintence of the train and caboose by keeping ahead of the never ending rust. Our focus is also to build up the train endowement for future upkeep of the train. Thanks again to all our supporters....!!

POSTED 1-04-16
With all the high winds and rains we had in December it played havoac with the Christmas lights on the train. Water got into the lights and shorted them out. We ended up turning off the light early because so many strings were shorted out. The rain must have also got into some electrical conduit or component because the clock and audio system also quit working. We will have to get an electrician to figure out what happened. Depending on the damage we may be having a fund raiser to cover the repairs. THANKS for your continued support and Happy New Year from the Friends of 2713.

​POSTED 12-01-15

The Christmas Lights on the train were turned on yesterday. Note: (The club puts on the light not the city.) Come on down and check them out!!

​POSTED 11-05-15
To get ready for the Open House most large remaining projects at the train were completed.... such as the new steps donated by Metal Crafters Inc. and the picnic table and bike racks donated by the Weisbrod family in memory of Clarence Weisbrod ....plus concrete donated from County Materials for the concrete base for the new steps and landscape stone around the train. . In the future we will be working on interpitive signing for around the train and hope to improve the security and sound systems...and possible add some new lighting.....the project is never ending so we appreciate your continued support. With the recent turn down of the stock market the 2713 Engine endowment has dropped but we will continue to make the endowment a priority so money is available in the future to maintain the train display.....
Thank to all of the Friends of 2713......!!

​POSTED 10-05-15
The weather for the Open House was perfect and a good turn out came out to the event. Thanks to all the people who brought antique engines, model trains, black smith demo , motor car  and othe misc. to exhibit at the Open House. And thanks to all the Friends of 2713 who came out to support the train and donated money for the future care of the display!

​POSTED 9-10-15

Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) will serve a lunch of brats and hot dogs, chips, and beverages. All proceeds benefit renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable living education and demonstration. www.midwestrenew.org
To help parking at the Open House we suggest parking across the street at the Veterans Memorial Park or encourage you to ride your bike.

The Friends of 2713 would like to thank County Materials and  John Rock for donating the stone for the landscaping around the train.

​POSTED 9-02-15
The bike rack and picnic table donated by Ramona Weisbrod in memory of her husband Clarence H. Weisbrod have been install.
Thanks to Metal Crafters for donating the new steps to the engine cab. They look great and are so much safer than the old ones.II.
They should be mounted and painted and operating this week.
Again I would like to thank Central City Credit Union for sponsoring the Open House. Without their help we couldn't afford to put on the Open House. Central City was formally the Point-Soo Credit Union which had strong ties to the Soo Line Railroad and we are glad for their continued support over the 20 years that the Friends of 2713 have been working on the Steam Train display on the South Side.
*******OPEN HOUSE ******
All the details for the Open House are starting to come together.
Gene Coyte from Almond with be there with a Black Smith exibit.
Chris Cutts from Wild Rose will be there with his 1917 Advance - Rumely Steam tractor.
Mini Train Rides by: Rainbow Fun LLC, Arpin
Portage County Historical Society booth
Wendall Nelson will be there.
Project Life Saver Booth.
Kevin Martin with Model train layout.
Gary Oudenhoven with Model Train layout.
Historical pictures of trains and the South Side.
Barney Kedrowski with antique gas engines
Steve King with antique gas engines.
Train whistle will be hooked up.
Caboose open for inspection.
John Rock with Motor Car.
And who know what else will show up.
Don't miss it...

. Thanks for your continued support...!!

​POSTED 8-06-15
A thank you goes out to Ramona Weisbrod for donating a picnic table and bike rack in memory of her husband Clarence H. Weisbrod 1924 - 2014. We are hoping to have both installed for the Sept. 19th Open House. Thanks for your continued support...!!

​POSTED 7-06-15
A thank you goes out to RS Creations for their donation toward the recent guard installed in the engine cab. A new set of steps to the engine cab are currently being fabricated at Metal Crafters in Stevens Point and should be installed prior to our Sept. 19th Open House. This is a much needed upgrade and we are happy that we have enough money to move forward with this improvement. Thanks for your continued support.
​POSTED 6-01-15
A guard in the 2713 cab has been completed. This will make it safer and  reduce the possiblity of someone falling out of the south side of the cab. Thanks again to Dorthy E. Bartowiak for donating money for these.
​POSTED 4-02-15

Planning for the September 19, 2015 Open House continues. The event will run from 10:00 to 4:00. We are excited that we will have a real steam tractor there with the sounds of blowing, hissing steam  just like when engine 2713 was fired up and pulling passenger cars. Rainbow Fun will be giving rides on their miniature train. Displays of working hit and mis engines, model train displays and old pictures of trains and the historic south side area.
The update on our funding campaign is we have about $5,000 to go to meet our $15,000 goal to finish the train display.

​POSTED 3-05-15
We are happy to announce that Central City Credit Union has agreed to sponsor this years open house on Saturday Sept. 19, 2015. The credit union was the former Point/Soo credit union. They have been a great supporter of the train project over the years and we are grateful of their continued support.
Would also like to thank Bob McComb for letting us scan some old train pictures that he took of the Stevens Point yard.

​POSTED 1-07-15

We would like to thank Dorothy Bartkowiak for sponsoring the safety guard to be installed on the south side of the engine cab in 2015. This gaurd is needed to improve safety while viewing the engine cab. Dorthy has been a long time supporter of the train and we thank her for her continued support.
The Friends of 2713 will have a booth at the 18th annual Arctic Run Model Train Show in Stevens Point Holiday Inn on January 17-18. We invite you to come on down and talk trains.
Please consider donating to our fund drive to finish the train. Your name will be listed on the Community Foundation web site at 

​POSTED 12-03-14
The update to our fundraiser to finish the train display is we have raised about $8000 of the $15,000 needed. Fund raising letters have been sent out and ads will be in the paper. Our goal is to finish the display before the 2015 open house. Please consider supporting our train project and thanks for your past support.

POSTED 11-03-14

The date for the 2015 Open House at the train has been set for Saturday September 19th. MARK YOUR CALENDARS...!! We will let you know the details when they become available....

The Friends of 2713 would like to thank Don Pagel and John Swetalla from Sunrise Medical for donating 2 sections of 16 foot RR track. 
The track will be used for displays and signs.

POSTED 10-01-14
The Friends of 2713 would like to thank Bill Winkler from Wisconsin Rapids  for donating approx. 50 feet of light duty railroad track. The track will be used for displays and signs.
Vandalizim continues at the train. A plexglass window on the caboose was broken. If you see any damage being done at the train please call the Stevens Point Police number at 715-346-1500. We need your help.

POSTED 9-02-14
The Friends of 2713 would like to thank Wayne Bushman and Wood Street Rental for donating the deliever of a scissors lift to paint the light trim rings in the train roof.

POSTED 8-15-14
The Friends of 2713 would like to thank Bruce Oldenberg for giving the club a copy  of his pictures of the 2713 in the 2003 to 2004 timeframe. They are great and in the future we will feature some of them on our picture of the month.

POSTED 8-11-14

The Friends of 2713 would like to thank Happ's INC. of Chicago Heights. Illinous for donating 40 feet of 90 pound rail road track. The track will be used for displays and signs.

POSTED   8-4-2014

Over the August 3rd weekend some damage was done on the passenger seating area. If you see people on top of the train or people doing damage please call the non-emergency number at the Stevens Point Police Department at  715-346-1500 to report it.  Thanks.

In July the outside of the Caboose recieved a new paint job and looks great. Come on down and take a look.
A big thank you goes out to Nancy Westenberger (Hetzer) for letting the Friends of 2713 copy the families old pictures of the south side. Her family ran Hetzers Bike Shop, an icon on the south side for many years. Remember we are always looking for old pictures of the South Side (people,trains, building events etc.)

A new feature has been added to the web site. It's called "Picture of the Month". Each month we will feature a railroad related picture. It can be reached from the main page. Look on the bottom of the list of pages on the left side of the main page.

So far our fund raiser has raised $2700 plus. That means we recieved the matching grant from the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin. Thanks to all the train supporters ...!!  With the matching grant money we are over half way to our $15,000 goal. This will allow us to get started on some of the projects to finish the train display.  We should have enough money to update the steps going to the engine cab. That is our top priority. Thanks again Commnity Foundation...and all our supporters....!! We still need your continued support to get to our $15,000 goal.....I know we can ...I know we can...

GOOD NEWS..!!  In the fall of 2013 the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin awarded our fund drive a matching grant of $2700. So, they will match the first $2700 that we raise…to date we have raised approximately $1600. Donations can be done on line at cfcwi.org…. A fund raiser to finish the train display has been started. The Friends of 2713 have been working on the train display since 1995 and are making a push to raise enough money to finish the display.

Things that need to be done:

1. New steps to the engine cab $5000.00

2. Safety and guard rails for the engine cab $2000.00

3. Finish landscaping between sidewalk and train. $4000.00

4. Install signage around train $1500.00.

5. Upgrade, enhance lighting, sound and security system. $3000.00.

Thanks for your past support and hopefully you can help us out once again.

To simplify things...In 2013 the endowment for the train was separated from our working account that has money to upgrade the train. The endowment is called "Engine 2713 Fund". Please consider donating money to the endowment fund which will insure the train display will be maintained for future generations to enjoy. Even the smallest amount will add up over the years.

If interesting in helping out please send your tax deductible donation to the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin. Donations can be made on line. See our links section for the link to the Community Foundation web site.

The ceiling is in!!! and it looks GREAT!..with money from the City of Stevens Points Hotel/Motel fund a ceiling/soffit and brackets were installed in the train roof. Eagle Construction Co. Inc. from Wisconsin Rapids did the work. Thanks to Roger Bemowski for building the brackets on the columns and Dave Owens for painting them.

Please consider supporting our project by purchasing some of the following....

Koetern Gallery located one block south of the train is carring ....
1........2713 Train magnets
2........2713 support stickers
3....... Note pad with original art work by local artist  C.J. Watkins.

 Personalized bricks are still available.... 4"X8" for $110 or a big 12" x 12" brick for $350, Makes a great gift for that rail fan in the family.

We hope to complete the semi-fore installation in 2014.

If you have not heard it yet....come on down to the train display and for $0.50 (quarters only ) you can hear the old 2713 when it was a working steam engine. The coin deposit is in the Northwest corner of the train on the donation box.

The columns on the train roof have been bricked and it looks great!!!!!!  Thanks to Dulak and Sons Masonary for doing such a great job Plus!! sponsoring a column. We also want to thank Central City Credit Union for sponsoring a column.

Thanks to the generosity of Bushman Electric and Crane for :1. installing the lights in the train roof. 2: donating wiring and conduit and installing it in the train roof. 3: mounting and wiring the train clock. Plus adjusting the lights before the ceiling installation

Thanks to the generosity of the Seramur Foundation the Friends of 2713 was able to put up a sound system at the train. The sound system  plays sounds that a steam engine would make....WoooWooo chug chug...etc. It costs $0.50 and takes quarters only. Thanks to Total Security for working with the club to get this done.

Wendell Nelson a local author completed a book on the old Soo Line Depot that is located about a block from the 2713. It's called "The Dream of Years". If you would like to purchase a book call Wendell at 715-366-4777.

Complete the Wheel of Momentum which will have the names of all the people who gave money to the train rebuilding project. The Wheel of Momentum is actually a tire from the Soo 2719 in Eau Claire which is running out of Duluth MN.

Thanks to all the people and businesses for their continued support of the project!!

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