April 2014

Here is a picture of a Wisconsin Central truck parked by the Stevens Point Roundhouse in the Winter of 2014. You see fewer and fewer W.C. trucks anymore.

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May 2014

Switching operations south of the Roundy's warehouse on Wayne Street in Stevens Point. Engines 4928 and 9437 are doing the switching.
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June 2014

Engine switching at Stevens Point Paper Mill. Picture submitted by Bob Rogers. (Click to enlarge).

 July 2014
An old Union Pacific engine painted with a Canadian National No. 2046 has been seen in the Stevens Point yard. Picture taken as train is headed westbound by the St. Pt. depot.
August 2014
Happ's Inc. pulls up the railroad track just north of Whiting Ave. in Stevens Point. The old Green Bay and Western line from the old Whiting mill to Koch Asphalt is being removed.
September 2014

Work continues on the new fueling station in Stevens Point. It is located near the Round House at the end of Illinois St.
October 2014
Another picture of the progress on the new fueling station at the Stevens Point round house. It is located at the end of Illinois St.
November 2014
Often old rail cars are cut up for scrap in the Rip Track Area. This picture is just south of Monroe St. and east of East Ave.
US Salvage and Demolition is cutting up the car.
December 2014
This fall CN modified and added new track thru the Stevens Point Yard. Here the work train is waiting to go to work infront of the St. Pt. Depot.
January 2015
In the fall of 2014 CN modified and added new track on the south side of the Stevens Point Yard. It started near the round house and went east to the Plover river. This Picture is taken on Patch St. at the "P" line. 
Febuary 2015

CN continues their investment in the Stevens Point area by putting an addition on the signal shop. It is located just east and adjacent to the 2713 display on Monroe. St.

March 2015

Late on a very cold Saturday night the RR crews worked with a big crane to fix the wheel set on a rail car. This was located on Monroe St. just east of East Ave.. Must have been an important load to be working that late in those temperatures. 
April 2015

CN Engine 5765 sits at the end of Illinois Ave. in the Stevens Point Round House area. The CN sign was installed in the fall.

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May 2015

CN Engines 2819, 2312 and 2835 sit just east of the Michigan Avenue underpass between the Round House and Yard Office.
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June 2015

Westbound CN Engines 2940 and 2833 stop just east of the Stevens Point Depot for crew change on 6-1-15.
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July 2015

2 Cranes lift CN engine 5631 to work on the back wheel set (I'm guessing) Location is just west of the round house (rip track area)
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August 2015

Engines 9622 and 6226 headed westbound. Picture just west of the Stevens Point Depot.
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September 2015

Engines 2173 and 5746 headed westbound pulling 6 Canadian National passinger cars in the afternoon on 8-31-15.  Picture just west of the Stevens Point Depot.
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October 2015

For the Sept.19th Open House Chris Cutts from Wild Rose hooked up his 1917 Advance-Rumly steam engine to the 2713  whiste and the whistel was blown with live steam for the first time in 60 years....it made my day to see that steam coming out over the engine when the whistel was blown....the 2713 truely came back to life for a day..
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November 2015

The Friends of 2713 would again like to thank Central City Credit Union for Sponsoring the Open House. And all the other people who brought  displays and helped out to put on the event...THANK YOU..!!

December 2015

This is the Stevens Point Yard office on Wayne St. Glad to see the railroad companies have left the Oak trees around the office. I would imagine some of them were around in 1871 prior to the railroad coming to town.

January 2016

West bound Engines 3027 and 3001 wait just east of the Stevens Point Depot for the green light on Christmas Day morning. 

February  2016

A large Canadian National Signal Dept. Truck is parked at the signal shop on Monroe St.. It is adjacent (East) of the 2713 Steam Train display.

March  2016

After changing crews at the St.Pt.depot, engines 2941, 3014 and 2853 pull a long train of tank cars westward.

April 2016

Picture from 2006. Schulfer Landscaping from Plover donated the installation of the personalized bricks for the passenger seating area. Thanks again!

May 2016

CN is replacing track and ties from St. Pt. going west. This pictures is on Sunday of crews welding the new rail to existing rail at the Water Street Intersection by the depot.

June 2016

Swith engines 1566 and 1564 with Engine 2692 in the background in the Stevens Point Yard near the round house.

July 2016

It's back...! The baggage cart that Dave Owens rebuild is back at the train. He took it down to the last piece and brought it back to good shape....Thanks Dave...!!

August  2016

Engines 5792, 2621, 2126 and 2128 sit in the Stevens Point Round house area.

September  2016

A train with 9 engines passes by the Stevens Point depot.Engine 8826 on the lead with engines 8919, 3050, 3114, 3119, 3106, 3089, 3114, 3116 following....impressive ..!!

October  2016

This truck has been seen riding the rails in the Stevens Point Yard off an on for the last couple of months. The truck is a big vacuum that cleans the tracks and picks up taconite pellets, grains and other misc. that fall out of the train cars.

November  2016

This picture looks east at the Hoover Ave. intersection. Next year a grade sparation will be built here and it will look totally different. CN engines 5776 and 5785 are west bound.

December  2016

This picture is of the newly finished 2713 JR. (junior) playground equipment installed behind the 2713 display. The 2713 JR. display was possible because of a donation from Jan Lutz in memory of her husband Pete Lutz. Thank you..!!!!

January  2017

This picture is of the train display decorated for Christmas. Members helping to put on lights are John Rock, Dave Owens, Tom Johnson and John Kedrowski.

Febuary  2017

This Canadian National train was parked in the Stevens Point round house area. The gray color and large cab numbers are unusual.

March  2017
This months photo comes from Bob Rogers. He took this black and white at the last open house at the train.
Thanks Bob...!!!
April  2017
This months picture was given to us by Adrian Omerik in honor of Charle Tepp.  It is a train wreck that happen around the turn of the century on the west side of Stevens Point. Thanks...!!!
May  2017
Picture is of CN personal overseeing the construction operations on the Hoover Ave. overhead.
June  2017
Engine 4917 stops to talk to  CN personal overseeing the construction operations on the Hoover Ave. overhead.
July  2017
Westbound engines 8936 & 2321 wait to go under the new Hoover Ave. overhead. The beams have been set and they are tieing steel for the new bridge deck.
August  2017
Engines 3091 adn 3119 pulled 6 CN passenger cars into the Stevens Point rip track ares. The engines looked brand new or freshly painted. 5 of the car names: Great Lakes, Baton Rouge, Fraser Spirit, Standford Fleming, American Spirit.
September  2017
A Herzog track checking truck is going west bound just before the new overhead at Hoover Ave. in Stevens Point. Picture is taking looking SW.
October  2017
Crew works on the track just east of the new Hoover Road overpass as west bound engine 3023 waits. Picture is taking looking NW
Novemeber  2017
CN engines 9623 and 3008 pass each other just west of the Bus 51 underpass.
Decemeber  2017
Picture of  Telegraph pole and crossing arms donated by CN. Thanks to Bushman Sign and Crane for installing it. In the very background you can see the picnic table and tree donated In memory of Bob Cable.
January  2018
Picture of 3 large CN service trucks parked just north of the round house in Stevens Point after a snow fall.

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