POM 7-2020
Picture taken on June, 30, 2020. Picture is looking east into the RipTrack area just east of the Church St. underpass. Unusual ot see a CN engine (No. 3033) sitting and not running on the entance track to the Rip Track area. For the last few weeks the Rig Track has been pretty empty. NOTE: The one way signs in the 5-2020 POM are now gone.
POM 8-2020
Picture of the Stevens Point Depot. Been seeing lots of work trucks there the last month and a half. Must be getting new plumbing and heating. Dumpster has been filled with lots of old pipe and iron.
POM 9-2020
On August 7th west bound CN engines 8103 and 3177 pull a load of John Deere equipment through the Stevens Point yard.
POM 10-2020
A company called Lakehead spent a few weeks in early September welding in steel plates on the griters on the Bus 51 (Church St.) CN RR bridge. The RR underpass was built around 1939. My dad worked as a laborer on the project.
POM 11-2020
Picture taked on Oct. 29 as CN Engines 3195 and 3267 head east crossing the Plover River bridge which is located on the east end of the Stevens Point yard.
POM 12-2020
Picture taked on Nov. 19 as I was putting Christmas Lights on 2713. I looked up and what a surprise to see a shiny Wisconsin Cental engine westbound on the track. Wisconsin Central Engine No. 3069. along with Union Pacific engine No, 3023 and CN engine No. 3146 stopped at the Stevens Point Depot for a crew change. The WC engine had a CN sign in the front corner. Someone called it the heritage train. I had never heard of the heritage train but good to see a WC engine kept is such good shape.
POM 1-2021
Picture taken on Dec 5. looking north from Patch St. at intersection with Sunset Blvd. CN engine 5341 and Engine 7202 labeled:  Progress Rail, A Caterpillar Company.
POM 2-2021
Picture taken on Dec 5. in the Stevens Point riptrack area. CN Engine 5400 is lifted up and get a new set of drive trucks. The company with the lifting bulldozers was Rybak.
POM 3-2021
Picture from the archieves taken in November of 2004 just north of the Stevens Point roundhouse.
POM 4-2021
Another picture from the archieves taken in March of 2005 just north of the Stevens
POM 5-2021
West bound CN engine 3078 passes the Stevens Point Depot on May 2, 2021 pulling double stacked container cars as far as you could see.
POM 6-2021
Saw this nice and clean looking yellow engine No. 2255 in the Stevens Point round house area at the end of Illinois Ave. CN engine 2276 appears to be keeping close tabs on it. Picture was taken on June 3-21
POM 7-2021
Picture taken on looking SE on west side of Stevens Point Depot. I thought the picture was interesting because it shows the progress of technology. Most of the Herzog cars had a solar panel on them which I had not see before In the background you see the old old telegraph poles along with CN's modern comunication  tower in the background. Times are a changen.
POM 8-2021
Picture taken on July 13 looking west toward the Stevens Point Depot. The Federall Transportation Administration train was pulled by BNSF eingine 7488. It stopped and some men got out and looked to be measuring the width of the tracks and levelness of the tracks.
POM 9-2021
Same picture a last month but looking east. The BNSF engine was disconnected at this time.
POM 10-2021
Lots of power moving westward in-front of the Stevens Point Depot. Engines 3908, heritage engine 3914, 2164, 2196 and 2151.
POM 11-2021
This fall CN put a new bridge deck on a bridge just west of Stevens Point. Big operation to remove the old deck and put on a new precast concrete deck. Things were done fast to get the main line up and running again. Pretty impressive.
POM 12-2021
On Nov. 3rd of this year I took this picture of mostly CN track maintenece equipement ( with one old WC piece) parked next to Okray Potatos in Plover, WI.
POM 1-2022
Nov. 3rd of this year I took this picture of CN doing track repair in the rep-track area just east of the 2713 display. Using a vacuum truck and manual labor they worked a lot on the  switches. They worked in this area multiple times this summer.
POM 2-2022
This picture taken on Dec. 31,2021 in the Rip Track area just east of the 2713 train display. It shows CN workers unloading a wheel set.
POM 3-2022
This picture taken on Feb. 10,2022 in the Rip Track area just east of the 2713 train display. Rybak moved in with lots of heavy equipment to put new wheel sets on CN engines 9563 and 2991. I talked to a CN worker who said everything was delayed because the new wheel sets were late coming out of Chicago.
POM 4-2022
This picture taken on Feb. 10,2022 in the Rip Track area just east of the 2713 train display. The picture is connected to last months picture. I shows equipent getting in position to lift CN engine 9563.
POM 5-2022
This picture taken on May 6th. CN engines 8889 and 8858 headed west as they cross Park Steeet. Stevens Point water tower in background.
POM 6-2022
This picture taken on May 31. Loram machine No. LMIX-618 sits on the bridge  over Church St. just east of the Stevens Point Depot. The machine was grinding the tracks in the  Riptrack area.
POM 7-2022
This picture taken on July 5.it is taken looking southeast at the intersection of the CN tracks and Water St. just west fo the Stevens Point Depot. I'm guessing CN painted the sign on the sidewalk warning of danger at the crossing. In the background west bound CN engines No. 8904 and 2609 pull a full load of tanker cars.
POM 8-2022
This picture shows some of the damage vandals did to the engine cab. Five of the 6 windows in the cab were damaged to the point that three have to be replaced. They are to splintered to repair.The two seats in the engine cab were also badly damaged. One can be repaird and the other will have to be replaced. 
POM 9-2022
This picture shows some of the damage vandals did to the west door to the caboose. The screen door was also damaged and will need replacing. Because of the violent kicking of the doors it splintered the wood which makes them very hard to impossible to repair.

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